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Ethical Investing: do you know where your money is?

You always make sure to buy free range eggs. You try to get on your bike sometimes instead of driving to work every day. You're telling everyone you know to watch the 'War on Waste'. But have you ever thought about whether your investments are ethical too?

What is ethical investing?

We know you want help to make good investment decisions. But to us, "good" means so much more than just making lots of money. It means making lots of money...but not at the expense of other people or the planet.

The first step to making ethical investments (also known sustainable or socially responsible investments) is knowing exactly where your money is going and exactly what it is funding.

You probably don't want to invest in;

  • Logging

  • Coal Seam Gas

  • Oil

  • Human Rights Abuses

  • Harmful Products

  • Coal

  • Gambling

  • Weapons

  • Exploitation

  • Tobacco

But you might want to invest future-friendly industries like;

  • Clean energy

  • Aged Care

  • Medical Solutions

  • Innovative Technology

  • Responsible banking

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Recycling

  • Sustainable Products

Have a think about what you and your family truly value.

How to be an ethical investor?

Finding the time - and information - to do the right thing in all facets of life can be tricky. We can at least make the investing side of living the good life easy for you. Unlike most other financial advisors, we apply a three step filter to choosing investment options.

1. We use ‘negative screening’ to avoid companies who make a negative impact on society and the environment.

2. We use ‘positive screening’ to proactively search for companies who contribute positively to society and the environment.

3. We undertake ‘corporate engagement’, staying in touch with companies to advocate for positive policy changes. We're all about transparency. You can find out more about Wealth Effect Group's own ethics by clicking here.

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