Ethical investment portfolio

Investing ethically is when you know what your money is going towards and what it is funding.

Ethical investment is commonly known as sustainable investments and socially responsible investment (SRI). The term describes an investment process that incorporates environmental and social factors when selecting investments, in addition to the objective of achieving a competitive financial return.




While many ethical funds adopt one or two ethical investment methods, we apply three methods recommended by RII to identify positive investments:


  • Negative screening – Avoiding investment in industries which have a negative impact on society and the environment.

  • Positive screening – Proactive search for investments that contribute positively to society and the environment.

  • Corporate engagement – Dialogue with companies invested in; for the purpose of raising issues of concern and advocating positive change to company practices.


Positive, competitive investments

Good investments in areas such as:

Clean Energy

Aged Care

Medical  Solutions

Innovative Technology

Responsible Banking

Health Care


Energy Efficiency




We avoid companies involved in


Coal Seam Gas


Human Rights Abuse

Harmful products






Our Ethical Philosophy

Our Ethical philosophy is a series of statements that guide both the positive side
(investments we seek out) and the negative side (investments we avoid) of our ethical approach.

Below is a summary of the philosophy.

We seek out positive investments that support
We avoid investments that harm

Ethical Philosophy

  1. the development of workers’ participation in the ownership and control of their work organisations and places

  2. the production of high quality and properly presented products and services

  3. the development of locally based ventures

  4. the development of appropriate technological systems

  5. the amelioration of wasteful or polluting practices

  6. the development of sustainable land use and food production

  7. the preservation of endangered eco-systems

  8. activities which contribute to human happiness, dignity and education

  9. the dignity and well-being of non-human animals

  10. the efficient use of human waste

  11. the alleviation of poverty in all its forms

  12. the development and preservation of appropriate human buildings and landscape

  1. pollute land, air or water

  2. destroy or waste non-recurring resources

  3. extract, create, produce, manufacture, or market materials, products, goods or services which have a harmful effect on humans, non-human animals or the environment

  4. market, promote or advertise, products or services in a misleading or deceitful manner

  5. create markets by the promotion or advertising of unwanted products or services

  6. acquire land or commodities primarily for the purpose of speculative gain

  7. create, encourage or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments

  8. entice people into financial over-commitment

  9. exploit people through the payment of low wages or the provision of poor working conditions

  10. discriminate by way of race, religion or sex in employment, marketing, or advertising practices

  11. contribute to the inhibition of human rights generally

What we can do for you

We can provide a detailed review of your existing investments so you can see whether or not your investments suit your ethical values. We also continue to review the ongoing appropriateness of the investments in your portfolio in regards to your ethical values as well as your financial goals.

Together, we will design a tailored financial plan to meet your individual needs and objectives. We will then keep you on track to reach your goals by regularly reviewing your financial plan.

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