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Preparing for retirement can be complex.

WE. make it simple.

Money is the first requirement for a successful retirement.  Without a level of financial support, your retirement dreams are unlikely to be achievable.
At WE. our philosophy on retirement is based on decades of experience and training and research. Not only will we show your where you are headed financially speaking  We'll help prepare you financially for almost any scenario.

WE. Help you prepare financially and understand the risks
So you can get on with Retired life.

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When you’re saving for retirement, you’re in the "accumulation phase". You’ll generally want a portfolio that has the potential to grow your money over the long term. Because you’re regularly adding to the portfolio with super guarantee contributions, and you’re not taking money out, you can tolerate investment fluctuations expecting your funds to recover over the longer term.

In retirement however, your attitude and investment goals will change. People typically become much more risk averse because their focus will shift to preserving what they’ve saved and generating an income.

When you’re thinking about investing your retirement funds, there are three important factors you need to plan for: 

1. Generating an income for day-to-day living;

2. Having access to lump sums for one-off events like holidays or a new car; and

3. Longevity – ensuring your money will last your entire retirement.

Deciding how to invest for retirement is no mean feat and every retiree is likely to have a different view on the relative importance of each of these goals. We have system that's tried and tested - Let us explain how it may work for you!

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An obvious challenge in planning for your retirement is that it needs to be done without knowing how long retirement will actually be. And, without knowing the time horizon, it’s very difficult to know whether your spending can be higher or needs to be lower, and on the other side of the coin, whether your investments should be conservatively or more aggressively managed to make the most of what you’ve saved.

Longevity risk - The risk of outliving your savings.


Income risk - Your spending patterns will change over the life of your retirement. This is the risk that your income won’t be able to keep up with your spending. 

Inflation risk - The risk that price rises (such as electricity costs) erode the purchasing power of your retirement savings.

Sequencing risk - The risk of significant negative returns depleting your capital just before or early in retirement.

Liquidity risk - The risk of not having ready access to your money when it’s needed, especially for health shocks and aged care (without losing potentially some of your capital or incurring penalties).

The importance of these risks also changes during retirement. For example, while sequencing risk is very important early in retirement, longevity, liquidity and inflation risk become more important considerations over time.

What you do now is important because the risks change.

Don't worry, we've done this thousands of times. We've got this covered for you.

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Once you have engaged our services to prepare a Retirement Strategy & Income Plan, we will commence building the your advice document.

This typically takes 4-8 weeks, depending upon complexity and access to current financial information. Within the plan, our overall philosophy will be based upon the application of proven retirement strategies. 

Our aim will be to develop a base of income for retirement,  that is predominantly unrelated to growth assets (e.g. the share market).

This is to provide confidence should stock markets sharply fall, you have a floor of income that will continue to provide your predetermined needed lifestyle.  These are all discussed at our initial meeting.

In terms of where we invest, a core value of our business is that we will always be product agnostic.  Our philosophy is to serve your best interest, through the adherence to proven, evidence-based investments.

Retirement means different things to different people so it’s important to find the right solution for your needs. There are many strategies to help you achieve your goals, both in and outside of super. These can be used in the lead up to, and during your retirement. 

Get the complete picture and a tailored plan for your unique situation

Tailored Advice

We independently review and consider a wide selection of strategies to find the perfect match for you and your situation.

Personalised service
Logical approach

We work hard to earn your trust and become a part of your extended family. We're available where you need us and when you need us. We're always there.

We have an incredibly robust process that will set up with a system that will take on most of life's surprises. All for a flat fee with no hidden costs.

Retiree Specialist

We offer a bespoke service to retirees and pre retirees to help you get the very best start to retirement possible  Our Qualified Advisers have helped hundred of retirees and pre retirees set themselves up to live on there terms.

Unique Plan

Every family is different. We know this because we are a business of young families ourselves. That's why we ensure your plan is uniquely fitted to you from the first meeting where we'll explore your goals to our regular catch ups.

The right tools

You need to take control too, so we offer easy to use online tools to help you keep track of your financial situation. Now you can avoid surprises and stay focused.

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Get the complete picture and a tailored plan for your unique situation

You can set an appointment in a matter of minutes

Get a free consultation in less than 48 hours

We'll follow-up right away

No obligation. Just understanding.

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How retirement planning can help you…

  • Work out what your future lifestyle looks like and what it will cost

  • Give you a plan to restructure your assets to give you the right level of income in retirement

  • Ensure your money’s always working for you and for as long as you need it to

  • Help you pay your home off sooner, as well as pay for holidays and other lifestyle goodies

  • Help you navigate all the ever-changing investment regulations

  • Regular check-ins to help keep you on track and on top of everything

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