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WE. Property asset planning

Knowing when you are in a position to get into property investing can be daunting. If only it was as simple as the "Game of Life.


The good news is that WE. can help you prepare so that you can get there sooner with an obligation free assessment we can let you if you can start today or how long and how to get there sooner.


Here’s how our Property asset planning can help you

  • Work out where you are and work out the quickest path to buying an investment property

  • Identify all the financial levers you can pull to help you buy an investment property sooner rather than later down the track

  • Help you get smarter with your spending and saving to get you there faster

  • Get you on the right track and give you peace of mind

  • Regular check-ins to help keep you on track

When WE. say it's time to invest you'll know your "Up to amount" and have a written approval 


Investment Property Loans - WE Mortgage Partners

Investing into property is a great way to grow your wealth, history has shown us that your investments property values grow over time and with rental returns paying the lion’s share of the mortgage, helping you own your investment outright. You can’t more secure than that!

A WE finance specialist can help you with all your investment loan needs, whether you’re looking for your first investment property or seeking to expand your investment portfolio and have hit some roadblocks. We’ll use our experience to guide you through.

First investment property loan

Investment property lending is different to financing a home, we’ll make sure you understand the differences in easy to understand in plain English and find the best finance structure for your needs.

Structurer Structure Structure

Having the right investment loan structure can be the difference between able to get your next investment and not – it can also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans. A WE finance specialist will take you through the options available for an investor including deductions to minimise your tax exposure, paying “interest only” to improve your tax deductibility. Often these structures will involve using multiple lenders so that you’re not putting all of risk with one lender. It be complex and we highly recommend you talk one of specialists to get your structure right from the start to get the most benefit. 
If your credit history is shady – talk to us we may be able to help. 
Don’t missed out growing your wealth because your too afraid to ask, here at WE – we see many different types of borrowers just because you’ve had a chequered credit history doesn’t always mean you can’t get an investment loan. Talk one of lending specialists about getting the loan you need.

Get the complete picture and a tailored plan for your unique situation

Tailored Advice

We independently review and consider a wide selection of strategies to find the perfect match for you and your situation.

Personalised service
Logical approach

We work hard to earn your trust and become a part of your extended family. We're available where you need us and when you need us. We're always there.

We have an incredibly robust process that will set up with a system that will take on most of life's surprises. All for a flat fee with no hidden costs.

Property Specialist
Unique Plan
The right tools

We offer a bespoke service to Property Investors  to help you get the very best start to property investment journey.  Our Qualified Advisers have helped hundreds of investors set themselves up to live on there terms.

Every family is different. We know this because we are a business of young families ourselves. That's why we ensure your plan is uniquely fitted to you from the first meeting where we'll explore your goals to our regular catch ups.

You need to take control too, so we offer easy to use online tools to help you keep track of your financial situation. Now you can avoid surprises and stay focused.

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Get the complete picture and a tailored plan for your unique situation

You can set an appointment in a matter of minutes

Get a free consultation in less than 48 hours

We'll follow-up right away

No obligation. Just understanding.

Wealth Effect Group

Or call us directly on 1300 13 59 53 63

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