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Join our family, we have everything you need to take control of your finances.

Meet Our Fabulous Community Members 

New York City


AGE. 30’s


JOB. Family Photographer & Building Supervisor


THE ESSENCE OF US - We are a young family, trying to balance starting a new business/working and family life.


THINGS YOU LOVE-  Spending time together outdoors, visiting family in NZ and Torquay


WHY YOU WANTED ADVICE - We realised we had equity in our inner-west Melbourne property that we had owned for 6 years. We wanted advice on getting an investment property and future planning (including super and life insurance)


THOUGHTS ON US. We are both hopeless at finances, Andre and Toby have been great in helping us better understand our current financial situation, our options and how to best plan for the future.


ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR. Jess has just started her own photography business which has been a dream for many years and we are in the process of purchasing an investment property. Both were things we did not think we were financially capable of doing until we had met with wealth effect group


NEXT GOAL. We would love to eventually move down the surf coast and live on the beach (but still be close to Melbourne), that is something we want to work towards in the next 5 years.

WE really love supporting our members, especially really talented one like Jess, check our her work at or follow her on social.

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JOB. Architectural Builder Madeform & Interior Designer


THE ESSENCE OF US. With three kids there is never time to sit and put your feet up. On the weekends you'll find us in the great outdoors, we think it's really important the kids have a connection with the world outside of city life.


THINGS YOU LOVE Enjoying camping having wonderful rural experiences as a family.


WHY YOU WANTED ADVICE. We had recently sold our home and purchased a new home (with little debt), and wanted to talk through our options of using Christian skills as a builder to capitalise on our situation. We generally wanted to get our personal finances in order.


THOUGHTS ON US. We love that they support us no matter what is happening in our lives,  they give us the information and tools make informed decisions about our future. We love being a member of Wealth Effect community.


ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR. We are really proud of the fact that we have almost paid out our home loan and have the first couple of investments properties working for us since being a member of the WE community.


NEXT GOAL. Can't wait to celebrate our 40th birthdays in New York.

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Financial Advice & Training

Aligned to your goals & values



AGE. 40's


JOB. Fitness Industry Entrepreneurs


THE ESSENCE OF US. We’re homebodies at heart until we are on holidays.We are always challenging ourselves with new projects either at home or in business  (sometimes at the same time)


THINGS YOU LOVE. Time with family and friends and seeing our kids happy and healthy.


WHY YOU WANTED ADVICE. We had enough in our combined super to invest in property and needed an expert to walk us through the complicated process, give us advice to make sure we were making the right decisions for our long term goals and then set it all up. We ended up getting a lot more than advice on Super.


THOUGHTS ON US. They certainly know their stuff, they read the fine print and could save or make you thousands on areas of your finance that you would never expect..they did for us.


ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR. Opening our first business.  There is a huge sense of achievement seeing your hard work (and heaps of stress) come together. 


NEXT GOAL. Renovating our house to create our dream home.


Surround yourself with positive thinking financial coaches,

just like having Personal Trainer you get better results. 


AGE. 40's


JOB. Confident Conveyancing Business Owners, Change Management Guru, Musician, Super Parents of 3 under 6.


THE ESSENCE OF US. Busy is our status quo, between working full time as a consultant, both of us running a small business in the inner west, members, boards and committees, President of an International Women's organisation that holds a consultative seat at the UN, plus managing the laughs, activities, tantrums and general well being of our children there isn't much down time.  But, we wouldn't have it any other way.


THINGS YOU LOVE. Dedicated time away with our little family, Providing the best possible service for our clients and every now and again achieving a goal that represents all of our efforts.


WHY YOU WANTED ADVICE. We had outgrown our inner-suburban property and were hesitant on our next step renovate or relocate. We also wanted to put in place some life insurance and ended up getting much more.


THOUGHTS ON US. We now feel at ease and very confident that our finances are going where they should be. I know we are set up for life and that takes the weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I’m good at, which is growing our company.”


ACHIEVED SO FAR. We’re really proud that our lifestyle hasn’t changed much with having a child. We’re still travelling overseas and interstate, going out and living our lives – without having to worry about our long-term finances.


NEXT GOAL. Escape next year’s winter and travel somewhere WARM! Maybe the Great Barrier Reef

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