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Private school can be expensive - lets be honest; for many sending you children to a reputable private school is high on the priority list. Parents want the opportunities that are made available to their kids, such as performing arts, high level sport, and music. The problem is how do you afford to give your kids this level of education. 
At WE, having a plan in place to insure you have enough money to send your kids to the school you want is something we've given a lot of thought. We  tried and tested almost every strategy so we can help you make the right choice for your family.
If you relate to any of the following call us for a chat today.
  • Worried about your child being lost in the crowd.

  • Disappointed with the public school system

  • Feel your child needs more structure

  • Not sure you can afford it in the future

  • Haven't started planning early enough not sure how to catch up.

  • Feel you child all round nurturing

  • Feel your child needs a bigger focus on Academia

  •  Want the lifetime connection your kids develop

Our School funding strategies can help you.

  • Work out your options - know what the fees will be in the future
  • Create a savings plan that works for your family
  • Determine what type of private school you can send your child too - provide options.
  • Show you different funding options and the Pro's & Con's.
  • Ensure your family can maintain your current fees in the event that something unfortunate happens
  • Regular check-ins to help keep you on track and on top of everything
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With our market leading strategies, we've been helping families plan succeed and live their dream lives for more then a decade.

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We offer an exclusive service to young families to help you get the very best start. That's what we do, and that's who we help.

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Every family is different. We know this because we are a business of young families ourselves. That's why we ensure your plan is uniquely fitted to you from the first meeting where we'll explore your goals to our regular catch ups.

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You need to take control too, so we offer easy to use online tools to help you keep track of your financial situation. Now you can avoid surprises and stay focused.

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Don't forget we have collated a list of the Gold Coast private schools to make it easy to find the fees and them to our FREE Private School Calculator. Just click the link below.

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