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We're a little different... With us you get

Goal oriented
Advice we follow ourselves

You get the advice we follow ourselves and give our family, it's not aligned to any institution, and it’s always tailored specific to your scenario. The bonus is the first discovery session is free so you can find out if we are the right fit for you.

You'll discover and define your life goals and see your financial life with the value of hindsite. We’re independent, meaning we’re free from having to push particular products.  And we quote you a fixed price for advice at the end of your discovery session.

A different way of working

We’re not your typical financial advisors – we do all the work for you. Crazy, we know. We’re also about making everything as easy as possible for you along the way. Oh, and you’ll never hear us utter any complex financial jargon and mumbo-jumbo. We like to keep things simple.

The way we work...

Meet + Discover
Explore Opportunites + Assess Strategies
Advice + Action
Manage + Monitor

Experienced, ethical advice

Get your house in order

Getting in your house in order starts with a plan. First, we need to get the foundation right and get a clear understanding of your family budget. We need to get you in the driver’s seat and in control. Like finding out where all your hard-earned money is actually going. Then, we work out a game plan to get you in a position where you can afford to buy that new car or shoot off for that holiday with the family.

Tackle those family changes

Starting a family. It’s a bridge we all reach at some point in our lives. From a financial perspective, the thought of losing an income and covering those extra expenses can be a tad daunting. Well, we’ve been there – We have a young family of three. We know the challenges. We preach what we practice, you could say.

Buy the dream home

There’s good reason why they say buying a home’s one of life’s biggest decisions. Particularly when it comes to finding a place to raise your family. It’s not just about grabbing the best home-loan deal. It’s all about finding the right debt strategy. Get the purchase structure right, and you’ll find you can actually buy more for your money – nicer suburb, more space, you get the picture.

Getting a head start on retirement

Planning for retirement’s a long game. To ensure you can do everything you want when you call time on your career, it’s a case of getting in early, even if you feel like you’ve left it a bit late. For us, it’s a case of working out the amount of retirement income you’ll need to support those endless trips to the golf course and family dinner parties and, from there, working backwards to find the right strategy.

Free up cash to treat yourself

Because you need to every once in a while. And it mightn’t be keeping up with the Joneses and buying that über-sporty, new Mercedes. It might simply be freeing yourself up to spend more time with the kids, like starting your own business so you can claw back a bit of work-life balance. Once you’ve taken control of your finances, it really is about making your money work for you and having the enough in the kitty to do what you want.

Give the kids a proper head start

It can be hard not to worry about not having enough to send your kids to the right school. Education can be expensive – let’s face it. Here, having a rock-solid strategy around squirrelling away enough money to send them to the school you want is everything. Same goes for looking further ahead and, without wanting to wish the years away, ensuring you’ve got those law and medicine degrees covered when the time comes.

Protect what you've built

You never know what’s around the corner. That we know. It’s all about planning for rainy days. Touch wood. Better to have a safety net and not need it, than the other way around. While there are endless policies out there, it’s all about tailoring the right one specific to your unique circumstances. That way, you’re not paying for cover you don’t need. With the benefit of experience, it’s all about knowing what to look for in a product.

Pay the mortgage right down

The last thing you want is to feel like your mortgage is holding you back, stopping you from focusing on those more important things in life. Structuring your finances and debt are a great place to start, particularly if you’re constantly just making the minimum payments. Here, our focus is on saving you money on your repayments and, ultimately, helping you pay down your mortgage faster, so you can own your home outright sooner rather than later.

Keep everything ticking along nicely

Once you’ve well and truly laid the foundation, so to speak, it’s all about growing what you have. In other words, keeping it all ticking along. Again, it’s about making best with the money you have. You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to investment, either. It’s a case of simply finding the right investment strategy that’s going to suit your particular circumstances and, importantly, what you truly want in life.

What our clients love about us. 

As well as providing us with a variety of mortgage options, Andre talked us through various ways in which we could arrange our finances and remain flexible as our family grows. They'll be our first port of call in our future financial and property decisions that we make.

C Falloon

What gets us out of bed in the morning....

We provide family centred advice to help our clients take control of their wealth. And, ultimately, help them build financial certainty and a rock-solid foundation for their families.

We’re also in it for the long haul. We genuinely want to become an extension of our clients’ and their families’ lives and empower them through the knowledge we share along the way.

Andre Dirckze
Andre Dirckze

Financial Adviser Yarraville Managing Director

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Beth Lavelle
Beth Lavelle

Para Planner Yarraville

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We know families. We are one.

We’re a family owned business and, yes, you guessed it… we’re married.

"Beth and I want to make a real difference in our client’s lives. Something that extends far beyond simply offering financial advice.  We practice what we preach, and only give advice we follow ourselves, so we know our strategies work because they have been tested by us on us.


We started out on this journey together to move away from corporate financial life and build a future that allowed us to be in control of the hours we work so we could spend time with our loved ones while they are young." 

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